We congratulate winners!

Are summed up the open competitions declared within the limits of the federal target program «Scientific and scientific and pedagogical shots». The purpose of these competitions revealing and support of talented young researchers, assistance to professional growth of scientific youth, encouragement of creative activity of young scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences, other establishments, the organizations of Russia and students of higher educational institutions of Russia in carrying out of scientific researches.

The teacher Etc. Varshavina and post-graduate student of the ASU A.A. Soloduhin became winners of competition.

Varshanina Tatyana Pavlovna is the Candidate of Biological Science, the manager of the centre of an intellectual geoinformation technology of ASU became the winner of action 1.2.2"Carrying out of scientific researches by scientific groups under the direction of candidates of sciences» in a direction: «Carrying out of search research works in a direction« Geography and a land hydrology ». A theme of her project: Working out of methodology and construction of the digital integrated model of the geographical systems realised in geoinformation system of scientific researches and scientifically-practical appendices in the field of studying of processes of self-organising of geosystems and creation of effective models of forecasts.

Soloduhin Alexander Aleksandrovich, the Post-graduate student of ASU on a specialty "Geoecology" became the winner of competition in a direction «Geography and a land hydrology» within the limits of action 1.3.2"Carrying out of scientific researches by target post-graduate students». A theme of his project: Working out and approbation on the basis of share materials of a technique of the automated construction of digital system geodynamic model of territory as bases of monitoring of seismic processes, managements of risk of natural and technogenic dangers.

We congratulate our winners; we wish them the further awards and creative successes!