70 – Year Anniversary of Adyghe State University


V.V. Putin: “Your University is one of the really
recognized educational centres
in the Caucasus (Videoconference. April 8.2010)


State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Adyghe State University (SEI HPE “ASU”)”.

385000, the town of Maikop, Pervomayskaya St. 208,
tel/ fax (8772) 570273. (8772) 521172,
site: www.adygnet.ru,
e-mail: adsu@adygnet.ru

Adyghe State University is a leading academic and scientific centre of the Republic of Adygheya. The history of ASU comes back to 1940, when the Teachers’ Training Institute was established in Maikop. The 2010 year will witness the 70th anniversary of ASU. During all the years the University trained thousands of highly qualified specialists who work in different corners of Russia and abroad. Hundreds of the University graduates became scientists-professors, academicians, heads of schools, higher educational establishments and chairs.

The principal of ASU is Professor Khunagov Rashid Dumalichevich, Doctor of Sociological Sciences, member of the Academy of Educational Sciences, member of the Academy of Social Sciences, Honoured Scientist of Cuban Territory, Distinguished Educationalist of Higher Professional Education of RF. He has been awarded: the medal “Glory of Adygheya”, The medal “For Contribution to the Development of Sociology of Russia”, etc.). He is a laureate of all-union competition “Effective Management of Personnel” in the nomination of “The Leader of the Year” (2009).

The University trains more than 14000 students on a wide variety of professional educational programs. The academic and Scientific Structure of the University includes following structures: 3 Institutes (the Institute of Arts, the Institute of Physical Training and Judo, the Research Institute of Integrated Problems); 11 Departments (the Department of Mathematics, and Computer Sciences, the Department of Physics, the Department of Natural Sciences, the Historical Department, the Philological Department, the Department of Adyghe Philology and Culture, the Department of Foreign Languages, the Department of Law, the Department of Economy, the Department of Education, the International Department); 7 branches of the University in the Republic of Adygheya and on the Krasnodar territory; Humanities and Technical College; Professional Training Centre; Republican School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences; University Computer Centre “Turbo”; Centre of Intellectual Development of Children, University Scientific Technical Centre “Pascal”, Preparatory Department and others.

For many years the University has gained a great scientific and educational potential. The University numbers 647 teachers, more than 100 doctors, nearly 400 candidates of different sciences, 45 Honoured Scientists of Russia and Adygheya, 24 academicians of Russian and International Academies, 25 Distinguished Experts of Education, Culture and Sports of Russia and Adygheya.

The development of ASU is based on multilevel and multifunctional scientific complex providing uninterrupted education beginning with pre-university and primary professional education up to post-university and additional education for different categories of students. The Republican School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences has worked out unique techniques of multi-level profound study of Mathematics, Physics, Computer Sciences, Chemistry and Biology for pre-university training. For the last 6 years the students of the Republican school have become prize winners of areal and final all-Russia competitions among students in Mathematics and Physics 43 times. The ASU Humanities and Technical College (dealing with programs of Primary and Secondary Education) has acquired the status of eхperimental platform of Russian Academy of Education on the topic “The Development and Introduction of the Controlling the Quality of Education in the Secondary Professional Establishments”.

The quality of graduates training in ASU has found recognition on all-Russia and International levels. ASU Educational programs have been certified by the European Organization of Quality and RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The University has been entered into the Federal List of “All-Russia Book of Honour”. It is the prize winner of the competition “A Hundred Best Goods of Russia”. High quality of students training is proved by the results of regional and all-Russia competitons: for the last 5 years 1224 students of ASU have won medals and diplomas of RF Ministry of Education, letters of commendation and prizes.

The image of a classical university is indispensable to teaching aids. The Scientific Library of ASU has a large computer park at its disposal, working in the automatic mode. The funds of e-library number several thousands of e-editions (nearly 20 GB). The Prime-minister V.V. Putin appreciated highly the Scientific Library of ASU during the television space bridge with the Heads of Educational Establishments of Higher Professional Education of Russia in April 2010.

Under global informatization conditions the role of universities as conductors of progressive achievements has increased. Rapid development of computer technologies has resulted in eхpansion of Internet access channel up to 8 Mb/s. The computer park of ASU includes about 1000 computers, 44 computer classes are connected in local area networks (LAN). Test systems worked out by ASU programmers are widely used in scientific and academic activities. Distant teaching techniques are being introduced.

Scientific innovation complex of ASU includes a Department of Integrated Researchers of South-Russian Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences, a Scientific Institute of Integrated Problems, 11 laboratories, 5 Scientific Educational Centres, 3 museums. Zoological, Geological and Mineralogical museum and Arboretum of ASU acquired the status of “Unique Scientific and Educational Establishments of Higher Education of RF”. ASU Botanic Gardens have been entered into the official list “Botanical Collections of Russia and Neighbouring States”.

ASU Laboratory Equipment costs 236 million roubles. The Experimental platform of the University attracts attention of the scientists from Rostov, Astrakhan, Krasnodar, Stavropol and other cities. ASU is considered rightfully the main scientific-methodical centre of the Adyghe Republic. In 8 Scientific Councils of ASU more than 1000 dissertations in 14 specialities were defended in 2000-2009. Scientists of the University are the authors of text books for universities and schools. They take an active part in projects of developing economic, social and cultural life of the region. For the last 5 years the fund of financial support of Scientific Work has made nearly 125 million roubles. ASU researchers are supported by 20 foreign charitable funds and international organizations. At present ASU takes part in the Internet project of the program Tempus as a member of the Consortium of the Educational Establishments of Higher Professional Education of Russia and Europe. Financing of the project exceeds 1 million euros.

The thematic plan of scientific work of ASU touches upon 11 fields of investigation within 9 scientific schools. To realize a complex of global investment projects “Sochi-2014” teams of researchers work out instruments of reforming social-economic development of the South of Russia. Digital intellectual model of geospace is under way, which will serve the basis for innovations in regional management and an effective instrument of evaluation of reserves and ecological potential, modeling and fortelling natural and social-economic processes. The University has accumulated much evidence on the analysis and evaluation of biological diversity and mineral resources in the mountainous part of Adygheya. A model of ground ecosystem out and recommendations on the rational nature management and problems of ecology has been elaborated.

Investigation of ASU scientists in theoretical Physics widens modern ideas of the properties of synchrotron emission which allows to pose new tasks for quantum electro-dynamics. The development along this line is of great interest for mathematical Physics for building new physical models. Within the mathematical theory of controlling dynamic systems algorithms of stabilization of linear controlling objects and mathematical models providing stability of dynamic systems, algorithms of identification of filtration and volume parameters of gas-oil-bearing layer are being worked out.

Investigations of ASU in biology and sport's technologies made it possible to broaden modern ideas of the role of endogenous and eхogenic factors in the process of morphogenesis and adaptogenesis. They helped to create information-methods basis of evaluation of immunegenetic and physiological status of students; to work out models of ontogenetic development taking in consideration specialization in sports and model characteristics of the sportsmen of highest qualification; to reveal new approaches to the interpretation of techniques and tactics of wrestling, to find out and to create the conception of controlling training process taking into consideration systematic-symmetric method evaluating the condition of a sportsman organism.

A unique geopolitical situation of Adygheya made investigations promising for ASU in such fields as: ontological, gnosiological and aхiological aspects of culture-civilization processes in a multi-ethnic region under globalization processes; the analysis of historical memory as a collective eхperience made up in the process of the historical development of the nation which is significant for present generations; investigation of the typological inter-connection of North Caucasian and Russian literature in terms of artistic method and synthesis development of new conceptual approaches to researchers in bilingualism, in General and Adyghe linguistics. The most substantial scientific projects deal with the development of the region, the pedagogics of the national school, ethnic cultural diversity in the North Caucasus and revelation of value potential of ethnic cultures.

One of the most important missions of ASU is presentation and development of Adyghe culture, investigation of the Adyghe language and literature. A complex of fundamental and applied researches is carried out on the basis of the University centre of Adyghe Study.

The trends of scientific researchers are reflected in the materials of 27 periodical and scientific publications of the University. The Scientific journal “Bulletin of Adyghe State University” with 5 series in different fields of knowledge, peer-reviewed, is included into the list of the Highest Attestation Committee, RF.

In 2005-2009 professors and lecturers of ASU published 210 monographs, 54 collections of scientific papers, 869 textbooks and manuals. 136 textbooks and manuals got classification stamp of the Academic and Methological Department of the Ministry of Education of RF and other federal bodies of the Executive power. 33 Registration certificates for e-publications were received from Depository.

There is a Students’ Scientific Society in ASU. In 2005-2009 according to the results of all-Russia competition for the best scientific work among students of Higher Educational Establishments ASU students were awarded 107 diplomas and 6 medals.

ASU cooperates with Universities of RF, the Near and Far Abroad. ASU is a member of International University Association under UNESCO, International Association of French-speaking Universities, International Association of Teachers of the Russian Language and Literature (IATRLL). 19 International Collaboration treaties were concluded and they are being successfully carried out. Much attention is paid to the implementation of the programs of academic mobility and integration the world scientific society (community). In 2005-2010 years 143 teachers and 737 students of ASU went abroad with the professional aims in view. At the same time 26 lecturers from the USA, Germany and France were engaged in teaching at the departments and Institutes. The University welcomed more than a hundred foreign post-graduate students and teachers at scientific conferences and for a training course. The University trains young people from the Near and Far Abroad: CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Nigeria, Sudan, Chad. ASU collaborates with the Centres of International Exchange of Students: Interexchange (Riga, Latvia), Aspect (California, USA). For the last 5 years 445 students went abroad in summer through this channel.

The University has 5 academic buildings and enlarges constantly academic and laboratory areas. For the last years a new academic building was brought into service, which accommodates 720 seats, and the attic floor of the main building with the Modern Computer Centre of the original design. In 2009 the construction of the New Scientific Library was completed which can meet the highest requirements of the educational and scientific community of the region. An 8-storeyed building of ASU with an area of 8 thousand square meters which is under way is a real gem of the town landscape.

The University has long-standing traditions of spiritual, moral, esthetic, civil-patriotic education and education of students through work. The students can display their talents in numerous creative societies of the Centre of Culture of ASU: drama school, ensembles of folk and variety dances, pop-groups. The folk ensemble of Adyghe dances “Nart” has repeatedly won prizes at the Russian and International Festivals and Competitions of students creative societies.

The Institute of Physical Culture and Judo has brought up many generations of honoured Masters of Sports, Champions of the World, Champions of Europe and Olympic Games; among them are: V. Nevsorov – the 1st Soviet Champion of the World in Judo, an Olympic Champion (Montreal); A. Emizh – a prize winner of Olympic Games (Moscow), a Champion of Europe in Judo; M. Khazanov – a ten-fold Champion of the World in Judo sports. In 2010 the men team in basketball “Dynamo-ASU” became a champion of the Highest League widening a list of high sports achievements. The women team of ASU in handball takes the leading position in the Super League of RF. Chess players of ASU have won the 2nd place in the championship of South Federal District 2010.

There are all the necessary conditions for health-improving and recreation activities. There is sanatorium-preventorium “Health”, two recreation centres on the Black Sea, Educational and health-improving complex ‘Mountain Legend”, situated in the picturesque mountainous surroundings.

ASU takes front line in the Educational-scientific community of the South Federal District and also in Russia. ASU makes all to make new advances to win the highest rating and to be always in the thick of the scientific events and global social interests.

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