J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novel was inspired by the story told by a teacher from the Adyghe State University

Since yesterday, the most popular faculty of the Adyghe State University is the Faculty of Foreign Languages. There is literally a queue of students to the dean's office to get a Harry Potter poster signed by the author – J.K. Rowling. The only condition is a student from any faculty of the university should have an excellent mark in a foreign language. 

Адыгейский госуниверситет готовится отметить День учителя

Первыми отмечать праздник начали на факультете педагогики и психологии. Сегодня здесь развернулась выставка под названием «Найди своего учителя». На импровизированных стендах, которыми стали окна в коридоре факультеты, были развешаны фотографии 20-30-летней давности: групповые снимки классов, юные пионеры, девочки в белых фартучках с косичками.

Награды за День города

Сегодня в администрации г. Майкопа были подведены итоги прошедшего в выходные Дня города. 
Напомним, что АГУ и его подразделения приняли самое активное участие в празднике и представили не только развернутую экспозицию своих достижений, но и творческие и научные лаборатории, большую концертную программу, флэшмобы и массу веселых и активных студентов, которые своей энергией и молодостью украсили День города.


As part of the Federal Agreement from November, 10, 2010 "Cooperation between the Federal Agency for the Affairs of Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation and the Republic of Adygea" the Adyghe State University got a quota for training students among the compatriots living abroad, on the federal budget and announces admission for the preparatory department of the international faculty.

Adyghe State University, one of 100 best higher education institutions of Russia

Being based on expert opinions and data of analytical researches for the 2011-2012 Academic Year, the Advisory Council of the International Forum “An Innovation and Development” awarded the Rector of Adyghe State University Khunagov R.D. with an honourable medal “For Distinguished Labour”.

In the academic year 2011-2012 Adyghe State University (ASU) got 50 budget places for students-compatriots living abroad

In the academic year 2011-2012 Adyghe State University (ASU) got 50 budget places for students-compatriots* living abroad. Students and graduates will be trained free of charge, at the same time students will get stipend of 1,200 rubles (about 40 USD) per month. The arrived students will be provided with comfortable, 2-3 bed rooms in the hostel. The cost of living is 600 rubles (about 20 USD) per year.

The European Commission TEMPUS program - IV

The working meeting of participants of the project «Bachelor Degree Educational Program in a Direction «Social work» has begun on the 16th of March. The program of a 2-day meeting consists of the module 16 – the Integrating module (the Microsocial environment), the module 17 – Social management and the module 19 – Final qualifying work.

VII International Scientific conference

On the 4th of February in Adyghe State University took place VII International Scientific conference of young scientists «SCIENCE. EDUCATION. YOUTH» devoted to the university’s 70th anniversary.

We congratulate winners!

Are summed up the open competitions declared within the limits of the federal target program «Scientific and scientific and pedagogical shots». The purpose of these competitions revealing and support of talented young researchers, assistance to professional growth of scientific youth, encouragement of creative activity of young scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences, other establishments, the organizations of Russia and students of higher educational institutions of Russia in carrying out of scientific researches.