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Main building

Pervomayskaya, St, 208

(8772) 570273, (8772) 571172

Mon-Sat 8:30 am – 5 pm
Lunch break 12:30 pm – 1 pm
Map of the premises
Map of the premises

(8772) 570273
Press service

(8772) 570273
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Supervisory Board

Abubakar A. Arsamakov – “Moscow Industrial Bank” Ltd., CEO ;

Mikhail L. Bogdanov, Russian Federation Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs;

Leonid A. Bokeria, A.N. Bakulev National Medical Research Center of Cardiovascular Surgery CEO;

Marina A. Borovskaya, Russian Federation Deputy University Minister;

Mikhail K. Gorshkov, Sociology Institute (RAS) CEO;

Fedor V. Emelianenko, President of MMA Russia, member of the Presidential Council of the Russian Federation on the Promotion of Physical Fitness and Sports;

Ivan I. Imgrunt – Assistant Chairman of the Cabinet Council ( the Republic of Crimea);

Magomet A. Konov – “Research, Development and Production Facility “Radii” Ltd., CEO;

Murat R. Kukan, actor of the National Adyghe Theater, People's artist of Russia;

Iskhak Sh. Mashbash, member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Union of Writers of Adygea, recipient of the State Prizes of USSR and Russia;

Vladimir V. Men’shov, actor, film director, People's artist of Russia;

Vitalii Naumkin, Oriental Institute (RAS) CEO;

Vladimir M. Nevzorov – Olympic Champion, Chairman of the Russian Federation Judo Association High Council;

Alexandr V. Nesterenko, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the “Vostochnii Express Bank”;

Kaplan M. Panesh, “Maykopskii Beer Production Facility” Co., Ltd., CEO, Adyghe Khase State Council representative;

Shamsudin P. Pshyzov, Chairman of the Board of the “Zarem” Gear Plant, Chairman of the Adyghe Businesses Association;

Alexandr P. Torshin - State Secretary, Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;

Adam Kh. Tleuzh - T.M. Kerashev Adyghe Republican Institute of Humanitarian Research;

Batyrbii Z. Tutarichshev – “KrasnodarProjectStroy”Co. Ltd., CEO, representative of the Krasnodar Region Assembly;

Ruslan B. Ustov – Chairman of the Adyghe Republican community-based trade union organization “Adyghe Trade Union Federation”;

Zurab K. Tsereteli – President of the Russian Academy of Arts, People’s Artist of Russia;

Pshimaf A. Shevotsukov, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor.