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Further educational Programs

Additional professional education

Adyghe State University carries out educational activities on:

•        additional general programs;

•        additional professional development programs;

•        additional professional retraining programs.

Additional professional retraining and additional professional development programs are being implemented in the following areas: Economics and Finance, State and Municipal Administration, Jurisprudence, IT-technologies, Pedagogy, Psychology, Management, Marketing and Advertisement, Sport and Physical Training, Foreign Languages, Adyghe Philology and Culture, Music, Choreographic and Visual Arts, Preschool and Additional education, Social work, Tourism.

List of additional educational programs

Classes are conducted by ASU qualified experienced teachers and representatives of employers.

The content of additional professional retraining and additional professional development programs takes into account the needs of the labor market, customer's requests, professional and federal state educational standards, qualification requirements, specified in the qualification handbook for the relevant positions, professions and specialties or qualification requirements for professional knowledge and skills necessary for the performance of official duties.

Upon the training completion, the established sample document is issued according to the item 19 of the Procedure for the organisation and implementation of educational activities under the progrem approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on July,1 2013 № 499:

•        according to the professional retraining program, the Adyghe State University diploma of professional retraining is issued. Students are given the right to conduct a new professional activity with the possibility of qualification,

•        according to the professional development programs students are given the Adyghe State University certificate of professional development.

A convenient training schedule and a modern program format provide students the opportunity to combine thier work and study.Classes are held in the evening, in full-time, correspondence and distance form


Department for the Development of Additional Education and Additional Pro        Professional Training of the Educational Policy Department

Head of the department: Ozheva Svetlana Borisovna





Maykop, Pervomayskaya st, 208, of..243


Leading specialist: Shevotsukova Suanda Shumafovna





 +7 (877) 221-03-13, ad. 414



Maykop, Pervomayskaya st, 208, of..243