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Preparatory programs for ASU international students

Adyghe State University has been performing pre-university training for foreign citizens since 1992.

The aim of the program is to prepare foreign applicants for admission and studying within main educational programs in Russian at ASU as well as other Russian universities and colleges.

You will quickly and efficiently achieve the first certification level of Russian language proficiency, which provides the necessary basis for successful communication in the language environment.

About students
Every year about 200 students from 10 foreign countries successfully enter the Pre-University program of International department and study at the courses.


Periods of study 

  • Classical academic program (10 months - 37 weeks, up to 620 hours);
  • Intensive training courses (3 months - 12 weeks, 30 hours a week, up to 360 hours);
  • An advanced course of Russian as a foreign language for students of 1,2,3 courses (300 hours a year).

Students of the faculty study the Russian language, as well as subjects in the chosen specialty: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Economics, Regional Studies and others.

Most of the one-year (classical academic program) is the Russian language course. Other subjects are offered depending on the orientation of training in accordance with the chosen specialty. Particular attention is paid to the study of the scientific style of speech as the basis of the specialty language.

Training at the preparatory department (disciplines according to the curriculum)

Engineering and technological profile:

Russian Language, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science.

Economic Profile:

Russian Language, Mathematics, History, Social Studies.

Biomedical profile:

Russian Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

Science Profile:

Russian Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry.

Humanitarian profile:

Russian Language, Literature, History, Social Studies.


Short-term program (courses) to study Russian language. The period of study and the program workload are agreed individually on request.

  • Russian as a foreign language (level A2)

Types of enrollment:

  • Commercial contract
  • Direction of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (scholarship of the Government of the Russian Federation)

Upon successful completion of the studies students get:

  • State certificate
  • Reference of the study period (for those students who do not have final assessment)
  • ASU certificate (for short-term courses)

Necessary documents

  • Original document or documents confirming  previous education level (school certificate of full secondary education, Bachelor/Master diplomas);

  • Attachment with grades to the previous educational documents (student transcript);

  • Legalization of documents confirming previous education level and attachment with grades;

  • Copy of passport;

  • Copy of visa;

  • Medical certificate;

  • Translations of educational documents certified by Russian notaries.