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Map of the premises

(8772) 570273
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(8772) 570273
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Useful Information for International Students

Information for Foreign Applicants

ASU pre-University course has spacious study rooms, an extensive library (more than 3000 items), computerized classrooms and its own student dormitory. The training complex and dormitory have round-the-clock security. Asiyat M. Bedanokova, Deputy Dean for Education is a permanent resident as well.

Cost of living in the student dormitory per month: 600 RUR

Cost of living in the married quarter’s dormitory per month:

State-funded and commercial education – 740 RUR per month.

Extramural education – 250 RUR per day.

Besides ASU staff provides assistance in handling foreign applicants’ passport and visa requirements and medical insurance papers.

Educational documents required for the pre-University course Foreign Applicants:

  • Applicants High School Diploma or GED Certificate, (copy) translated and notarized;
  • Passport or ID, (copy), translated and notarized;
  • 6 photos, size 3*4;
  • Certificate of Immunization Status (diphtheria; catalepsy; measles; viral hepatitis B; MMRV vaccine);
  • HIV scan.
  • Photofluorography scan.
  • Overall cost of studies for Foreign Applicants: 72,000 RUR per year.
  • For further questions and details, please, contact:
  • International Department Staff, #18, Zhukovskogo, St, Maykop, the Republic of Adygeya, Russia, 385000 (area zip-code);
  • Admissions Office landline: +7 (918) 224-39-81
  • Or via e-mail: