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Map of the premises

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Useful Information for International Students

Information for Foreign Applicants

ASU pre-University course has spacious study rooms, an extensive library (more than 3000 items), computerized classrooms and its own student dormitory. The training complex and dormitory have round-the-clock security. Asiyat M. Bedanokova, Deputy Dean for Education is a permanent resident as well.

Cost of living in the student dormitory per month: 600 RUR

Cost of living in the married quarter’s dormitory per month:

State-funded and commercial education – 740 RUR per month

Extramural education – 250 RUR per day

If either one of the spouses residing at the married quarters is not a student at the ASU the cost of living per month is 740 and 2035 RUR respectively.

Besides ASU staff provides assistance in handling foreign applicants’ passport and visa requirements and medical insurance papers.

Educational documents required for the pre-University course Foreign Applicants:

-          Applicants High School Diploma or GED Certificate, (copy) translated and notarized;

-         Passport or ID, (copy), translated and notarized;

-         6 photos, size 3*4;

-         Certificate of Immunization Status (diphtheria; catalepsy; measles; viral hepatitis B; MMRV vaccine);

-         HIV scan.

-         Photofluorography scan.

Overall cost of studies for Foreign Applicants: 45,000 RUR per year.

For further questions and details, please, contact:

International Department Staff, #18, Zhukovskogo, St, Maykop, the Republic of Adygeya, Russia, 385000 (area zip-code);

Admissions Office landline: 89618284262

Or via e-mail: