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Social and cultural adaptation

Adyghe State University students’ social and cultural adaptation. 

The Adyghe State University has been successfully teaching international students for many years.
More than 1,500 international students from various countries study here every year. 
Due to specific ethnic and psychological characteristics, students have to overcome social, moral and religious difficulties. to master new activities and behaviors, i.e. to undergo socio-cultural adaptation. 
We have developed adaptation system based on our work experience and this adaptation makes foreign students’ study easier at a Russian university.  

1.Special Russian language courses help them to overcome the language barrier. 
2. Students overcome everyday and  psychological difficulties by uniting in
national communities. The representatives of the community are a kind of foreign students’ "adaptation agents". They provide the necessary information about the University and the cultural peculiarities of the country, help to establish social contacts and solve everyday issues. 
For these purposes, the Г University has a curatorial school. A curator is appointed for each faculty academic group for the entire period of study. They introduce students to the structure of the University, the rules of residence and behavior in the dormitory, help in establishing everyday life and arranging the room. They also organize a medical examination of students in the student polyclinic and advise them on various issues. 
There is a system of curators on duty in the hostel. This helps them to be closer to the students. Thus, international students understand that they are not alone in a foreign country and will be able to receive qualified assistance at any time.

3. For cultural adaptation, the university holds events that promote world cultural heritage and tolerance. They get acquainted with the traditions and languages of Russia and Adygea and develop and strengthen interethnic ties.
Holidays and meetings for acquaintance with t5rheir countries’ art, fashion and cuisine have already become traditional. Every year, a Freshman Day and useful quests are held for new students. They help the students to make friends with groupmates and get used to the infrastructure of the University. 
International students of the University take part in university-wide events with great pleasure. So, this year, a student of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science Mahamat Kalet won the audience award in the contest "Mr. ASU". The International faculty student, Vait Ibragimov has become the owner of the title "Mr. Charm”.

4. In April 2022, the University launched the project "Friendship Teleconference" to reduce the worries of students and their parents. The teleconference was timed to coincide with the end of the Muslim and Christian fasts. Foreign students congratulated their parents on the holy holidays. Parents had the opportunity to see their children, talked to representatives of the University, asked questions of interest to them and once again made sure that the Adyghe State University makes every effort to ensure the successful education of their children.