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Pervomayskaya, St, 208

(8772) 570273, (8772) 571172

Mon-Sat 8:30 am – 5 pm
Lunch break 12:30 pm – 1 pm
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Map of the premises

(8772) 570273
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(8772) 570273
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Students' Union

The overall purpose of the Adyghe State University Students’ Union is to give students the information and opportunity to realize their talents and ambitions during their study. Our team is a connection link between students and administration, which embodies the student’s ideas and projects in the University environment.

The Student Union supports first-year students’ socialization, organizes leisure and cultural events, and organizes affordable tourist trips with considerable price discounts. Any student may apply for advice, legal protection, and assistance with any issue of interest or problem to the representative of the Union in the faculty or directly to the Union.

The mission of the curators is to help freshmen students adapt to university life. Throughout the academic year, the curators are active participants in ASU student activities.

Our Student Council provides both moral and financial support for ASU students. We offer an extensive range of bonuses and discount programs, such as:

  • “ProfDiscount” and “ProfResort”
  • free museum tickets and show fliers
  • holiday vouchers (free passes) to the Students Health Center
  • hefty discounts for the monthly pass at the Akuanda Sports and Recreation Centre
  • saloon coach discounts if you choose to travel by train
  • financial support funds
  • grants
  • …and so much more!

ASU Students’ Union offers numerous opportunities for self-improvement, personal and professional growth. With our support and guidance, you will become the leader you always wanted to be with all the necessary soft skills and communicative capabilities. These qualities are bound to expand your professional boundaries well as give you considerable personal satisfaction.

Our Students Council includes thirteen unions and four committees. Nearly all venues are duly explored, and you are sure to find a field that will contribute to your leadership or creative skills:

1) Law Commission. If upholding the rights of your fellow students and rectifying injustice is something you feel a knack for, you are welcome to join us. We promise to keep you busy;   

2) If your photos are works of art, you get a kick out of making videos, or graphics design is what makes you tick – join the Information Commission and indulge yourself;

3) If you know all the ropes and wish to share your brilliant ideas on sport events – we are waiting for your input at the Health Care and Sports Commission;

4) Your creative skills and projects shoot through the roof? You can sing, dance or may be write scripts or scenarios? While an ASU student get as much creative experience as you can with the Mass Culture Commission.

In addition, we host a number of educational marathons and courses, such as “Student Union ProffStart School”, First Years quests, field trips, music jams and poetry sessions, spring brainstorm games and much more. Winning at the All-Russian and regional events is a nice bonus, as is long distance travelling.

ASU Students Union membership is a voluntary step. If you want to make a difference, live to the fullest, change your life as well as lives of others, our doors are always open.