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ASU Faces

Konstantin Serebrennikov

For the next “persona grata” sport is not just a part of a healthy lifestyle, but achievements, goals, career and coaching. Konstantin Serebrennikov is a former graduate of ASU PE Institute. As of now he is a professional kickboxer and a coach of soon-to-be champions.

«I decided to take up kickboxing when I was ten. I was a skinny kid, and used to get into scrapes with other boys. So one day I came up to my father, we discussed this, and he gave his permission. That’s how I ended up in a kickboxing studio here, in Maykop».

He began his professional career in 1998. Four years later, first major achievement: he won the regionals and made it to the republican team. Then came the victorious national championship and his first international victory in Greece. Konstantin was fourteen at the time.

«I met my coach, Kazbek Siyukhov, through a school friend of mine. I’ve heard of him before, of his technique, his results. We’ve met, he started coaching me and two months later I took part in my first championship».

Then there were fights, victories and rewards – professional ones – and studies at ASU, followed by military service work, married life. In 2007 Konstantin made quite a few notches on the bed post of his professional career, by first winning national professional championship belt, then World Grand-Prix W5 Fighter. Right there, before the audience his asked his fiancé, Anastasia, to marry him.

«This precise moment held tremendous momentum for me. As a professional, every fight, every result is important to me. But my family, my wife and daughter mean the world to me».

Konstantin Serebrennikov lives and works in Moscow these last seven years, raising champions in boxing, kickboxing, MMA. He doesn’t make it to Maykop often, but he always talks rather warmly about his teachers: «I’m truly grateful to Anzor Gonezhuk, Aslan Shaguch, Irina Shapovalova. They helped me to become the trainer I am today».

For our graduate future is promoting sports and healthy lifestyle every day: «More time for sport means less of it for bad habits».  A great example and a real life motivation for the younger generation to reach their own goals.