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Main building

Pervomayskaya, St, 208

(8772) 570273, (8772) 571172

Mon-Sat 8:30 am – 5 pm
Lunch break 12:30 pm – 1 pm
Map of the premises
Map of the premises

(8772) 570273
Press service

(8772) 570273
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Financing And Grants

The following links are provided for easier access and research purposes only.

Federal Target Program “Research and Development on Russian science and technology sector target areas for 2014-2020”.

Russian Science Foundation

Russian Fundamental Research Fund

Innovation Promotion Fund

RusTech Corporation

RUSNANO (State Corporation “Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies”)

Bio-medical research travel grants for young scientists

“IT – Planet 2018\2019” IT and Communication Technologies Olympiad

2019 Russian Federation Government Awards in science and engineering

Vladimir Potanin Fund.

Academician Fedorenko International Science Foundation for economic research

The International Union of Economists (IUE)

Kondratyev International Science Fund.

International Foundation of Technology and Investment (IFTI)

Foundation for support of education and science (Alferov's foundation)

Higher School Innovative Activities Promotion Fund

Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology FASIE

Rybakov Foundation

First Generation Fund

Russian Economy Foundation

Deaf-Blind Support Foundation “Connection”

Innopraktika (Non-government Development Institution)

Advanced Research Foundation

Skolkovo Foundation

The Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (RUSNANO)

Nonprofit organization “The Institute for Literary Translation”

The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund

The International N. D. Kondratieff Foundation

The Free Economic Society of Russia

Egor Gaidar Foundation

Euler Foundation

St. Petersburg Scientific and Technical Development Fund

Non-profit organization “Pushkin Library”

The Charitable Foundation named after Helena Roerich

Oxford Russia Fund

Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation

The Russkiy Mir Foundation

Dmitry Likhachev International Charitable Fund

Nonprofit organization “Global Energy”

Academician Fedorenko International Science Fund

Krasnoyarsk Regional Foundation for promoting scientific and technological practices

Vernadskiy Non-profit Ecological Foundation

The Fulbright Program in Russia

Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR)

Sirius Mathematics Center

National Technology Initiative (NTI)