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Irises Bloom


ASU has its own spectacular Botanic garden – an impressive twenty-seven acres of floral paradise, full of plants, trees and herbs flourishing under the loving care of garden-keepers.

Irises, exquisite, long stemmed beauties, are the gardens’ pride and joy. Every shape and color is a sight for sore eyes and troubled minds. Among ASU students, an hour or two spent admiring the tiny clouds of color is considered some sort of a lucky charm to smooth the rocky road to graduation.

The irises blooming time lasts from early April till mid-June and groups of tourists, teachers and students walk the sun-lit paths admiring these flowers with rather memorable names. Visit our own little piece of Florence, meet the Divine Duchess, the Buccaneer, the Aura of Light and the Dark Side – and find out for yourself what floral inspiration feels like.