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The art of Mathematics


Crazy Genius mathematicians claim that Mathematics is much more than science; it’s a form of art. The one and only Mathematical Park in Maykop proves them right yet again. 

In fact, the seven mathematical wonders, such as the seven Bridges of Konigsberg, Mobius strip, Szilassi polyhedron, parabolic hissers, Prime numbers cloth, dodecahedron, hyperboloid – sturdy, tangible, man-sized representations of human brain power are waiting to be examined, admired and even applied to solving new twists and turns of the mystery that is Mathematics.

Artists and musicians, goldsmiths and scientists, students and teachers, one and all, inspired the Mathematical Park into being. Now it’s a hotspot for everyone who appreciates science and art – or both. If you wish to walk the walk and talk the talk, don’t hesitate to visit.