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The first set of the ASU and USWL students of online program in Russian as foreign language have received diplomas of education


The first set of the ASU and USWL students of online program in Russian as foreign language have received diplomas of education  

This year twenty five students from Uzbekistan have mastered the curriculum

Methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language included the formation of professional competences. The program included the methodology of teaching Russian on the basis of information technology.

Students have studied philological and pedagogical disciplines as well as philosophy, history, economy of education, psychology, sociology, life safety, cultural studies and educational law. Thus, the focus of the philological profile of education made it possible to prepare highly qualified specialists, who are able to realize themselves in pedagogical, scientific research, cultural and educational activities. 

Alisher Sakhabovich Abidjanov, Vice-Rector of the Department of International Relations has written in his welcome address on the occasion of graduation:

— On behalf of the Uzbek State University of World Languages, we express our gratitude to all Adyghe State University employees for their efforts and huge contribution to the implement our joint program. Thank you so much to the whole well-coordinated team for the invaluable work, which led our students to this significant day. Let our “first swallows” be an example for the next generation of students of our joint program! Good luck in further work to the wonderful staff of ASU!

In turn, the ASU Vice-Rector for International Affairs Susanna Tlekhatuk thanked  the USUWL staff for their cooperation, professionalism and effective work. 

— This is the result of joint well-coordinated work and, of course, the heads of our universities. Thank you all for working hard for the result and benefit of our countries all these years.

As part of the agreement on cooperation between the universities from 2019-2020 signed in December 2018, Adyghe State University Uzbek State University of World Languages are implementing joint educational programs for bachelor’s degree programs “Automated information processing and control systems (“Computer Linguistics» and “Russian as a foreign language”).

The training takes place on the basis of both universities in the “3+1” format. Students study in USUWL for the first three years and in ASU for the last year.

The whole educational period is in a mixed format: the lecturers work in Maykop and go to Uzbekistan, or use online educational technologies. Students who have mastered educational course and passed the final certification receive diplomas from Russian and Uzbek Universities. The graduates’ parents have already expressed their feedback and gratitude to the heads and program teachers: 

Today ASU hosted the awarding of diplomas to graduates of the “Russian as foreign language” training program! Congratulations to everyone on this significant event! Good luck and professional growth! We wish you going along the life path, to love and keep in mind warm student years! May your chosen specialty make you respected and worthy professionals of your favorite thing! 

 — Congratulations to the students on receiving the long-waited diploma! I think you are doubly pleased to receive a diploma from such an authoritative educational institution as Adyghe State University. I thank the management and teaching staff of the University. I am proud that my daughters are among the graduates of the Adyghe State University!

 The students ’parents have written:

   — Dear ASU and USUWL heads and teachers! On behalf of our friendly parent team, we thank you for your professionalism, patience and care for our children, who, thanks to you, have become independent people, ready to enter adulthood. Thanks to you, they believe in their strength, discover new ways to success and strive  for great victories.

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