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ASU Rector Daud Mamiy has been elected as a foreign member of the Armenian Academy of Pedagogical and Psychological Sciences for his outstanding contributions to the development of a system for identifying and supporting gifted children.

The decision was made during a general meeting of the Academy of Pedagogical and Psychological Sciences of Armenia, recognizing Daud Mamiy's significant impact on the field. Under his leadership, the system for identifying and supporting gifted children has been successfully operating for over 20 years, leading to a continuous improvement in the quality of education, particularly in mathematics and natural sciences.

The Vice-President of the Academy of Pedagogical and Psychological Sciences of Armenia, Dr. Srbuhi Gevorkyan, praised Mamiy's efforts in a letter, highlighting his role as the founder and scientific director of the Republican Science and Mathematics School. This institution is known for its work with gifted children and has gained international recognition.

Daud Mamiy's initiatives have led to the implementation of numerous unique mathematical projects in Adygea, such as the Summer Mathematical School, the Summer Student School "Modern Combinatorics and Game Theory," and the International Caucasian Mathematical Olympiad. Projects like "Math Park" and "Music of the Mathematical Park" have also been established under his guidance.

The All-Russian Conference ``Mathematical Talent and Mathematical Education" and the South Russian Mathematical Olympiad "Assara" for girls are other notable events that Mamiy has contributed to. His work has also extended to collaborations with Armenian scientists and educational institutions, fostering a strong relationship between the two nations.

Hayk Sargsyan, Honored Scientist of Armenia and Head of the Laboratory of Physics of Nano- and Meso-Systems of the Institute of Applied Problems of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, commended Mamiy's dedication and impact on the development of mathematical education for children in Russia. 

Upcoming events

The musical “Wings”
May 22, 25
The musical “Wings”
The musical is performed by the ASU student musical theatre “Art–Riton”. The theatre is a multiple winner of the Grand Prix of the All-Russian and international creative competitions and the winner of the competition “Russian youth” (2018).