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Adygea State University and State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company "Adygea" Strengthen Partnership Through Collaborative Agreement

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IMG_0736.JPGAdygea State University (ASU) has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company "Adygea" to foster long-term collaboration between the two institutions. The agreement, signed by ASU Rector Daud Mamiy and STVRC "Adygea" Director Ashemez Pheshkhov, aims to facilitate a range of joint initiatives in media, education, and professional development.
Key aspects of the agreement includes: 
Development of joint media projects, encompassing television films, programs, and internet projects.Organization of screenings and competitions of television films, programs, and internet projects.

Co-hosting scientific and practical conferences, seminars, roundtables, and other events. Establishing methodological, production, and technical cooperation. Focusing on the training of media production specialists to address regional media personnel needs.

 The agreement signifies a significant step towards enhancing the partnership between the two entities and elevating the quality of specialist training required by the republic. ASU Rector Daud Mamiy expressed his institution's readiness to contribute actively to this endeavor.
The collaboration will enable students to undergo practical training at the television and radio company under the guidance of experienced professionals. This opportunity will provide them with unique hands-on experience in television and radio journalism and the chance to apply their university knowledge in real-world scenarios.
STVRC "Adygea" Director Ashemez Pheshkhov emphasized the importance of ASU's specialized training for their industry. He also mentioned the consideration of opening a basic department of television and radio journalism on the basis of the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company "Adygea" in the future. This partnership will undoubtedly contribute to addressing the current personnel challenges faced by the company and fostering a strong media sector in the region.