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Collaborative Learning in Action: Students Explore Sanatorium Management Models at Lago-Naki Health Resort Event

Партнёры Education

Students of the "Institute for Quality of Life" at Adygea State University are actively engaged in the project "From Professionals to Future Leaders," a regional initiative by Business Russia. As part of this endeavor, they recently convened at the Lago-Naki Health Resort to study and discuss effective business models for managing sanatorium and resort organizations.
The event featured a presentation by Tatiana Mamontova, the head of Lago-Naki health resort, who shared her insights on the management of sanatorium-resort establishments. Students from the Faculty of Social Technologies and Tourism, specializing in the "Tourism" area, had the opportunity to explore the resort's facilities and learn about various aspects of its operations, including economic analysis, marketing, and service management.
Guided tours of the Lago-Naki Health Resort premises were conducted, offering an in-depth look at the resort's material and technical infrastructure. Additionally, attendees were informed about open job positions within the organization. The experience concluded with a hands-on aromatherapy masterclass, a popular activity among resort guests.
According to Svetlana Ozheva, an associate professor at Adygea State University's Department of Social Work and Tourism, participating in such projects significantly benefits students by immersing them in their future professional environments, ultimately contributing to a higher quality of education.