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International Department

Information for Foreign Applicants

ASU pre-University course has spacious study rooms, an extensive library (more than 3000 items), computerized classrooms and its own student dormitory. The training complex and dormitory have round-the-clock security. Asiyat M. Bedanokova, Deputy Dean for Education is a permanent resident as well.

Cost of living in the student dormitory per month: 600 RUR

Cost of living in the married quarter’s dormitory per month:

State-funded and commercial education – 740 RUR per month

Extramural education – 250 RUR per day

If either one of the spouses residing at the married quarters is not a student at the ASU the cost of living per month is 740 and 2035 RUR respectively.

Besides ASU staff provides assistance in handling foreign applicants’ passport and visa requirements and medical insurance papers.

Educational documents required for the pre-University course Foreign Applicants:

  • Applicants High School Diploma or GED Certificate, (copy) translated and notarized;
  • Passport or ID, (copy), translated and notarized;
  • 6 photos, size 3*4;
  • Certificate of Immunization Status (diphtheria; catalepsy; measles; viral hepatitis B; MMRV vaccine);
  • HIV scan.
  • Photofluorography scan.

Overall cost of studies for Foreign Applicants: 45,000 RUR per year.

For further questions and details, please, contact:

International Department Staff, #18, Zhukovskogo, St, Maykop, the Republic of Adygeya, Russia, 385000 (area zip-code);

Admissions Office landline: 89618284262

Or via e-mail:

Our Department Staff is ready to offer a number of high-level preparatory Russian language courses for foreign applicants aiming for sterling career achievements in diverse study fields both in Russia and abroad.

Our alumni successfully continue their education in various educational establishments and universities and consider ASU their “home away from home”, claiming our preparatory courses more than sufficient base for further academic and career achievements in Russian-speaking environment.

Head of the Department\Faculty Dean: Susana R.Tlekhatuk, Candidate for Science (Philology) Outstanding Scholar of Mongolia;

Address: Study Room 7, 5th floor, #16, Zhukovskogo, St., Maykop, the Republic of Adygeya, (zip code) 385000

Office hours: 9 am – 5 pm.

Landline telephone number: (87722) - 593-769

Email: ;

International Department is one of the youngest at the ASU, although it started functioning in 1992 when the first commercial pre-university courses for foreign students were succesfully initiated. Twelve years later the department admitted first state-funded students upon the terms and conditions contained in international agreements by the assignment of the Federal Education Agency (Ministry for Science and Education).

The Department subdivisions include:

Preparatory division; e-mail:

BA division;

Testing Centre for foreign citizens;

Contact us: 89618284262; via e-mail -

Headquarters for international liaisons; e-mail:

Registration and Analytics department; e-mail:

ASU pre-University course is a unique set of educational products designed to provide preparatory courses for foreign applicants wishing to get their degree at ASU or any other Russian university with sufficient level (elementary, basic or first certificate) of knowledge of Russian language and culture.

However, the majority of attendees choose to continue their education at the ASU, due to obvious advantages: it has all manner of prep courses – undergraduate, graduate, postgrads, a number of BA, MA, specialists, internship and doctorate programs. Foreign students have eleven ASU departments, two institutions (PE and Judo and Arts Institute) and along with Russian students study such fields as philology, pedagogics, philosophy, economics, computing and IT, mathematics, chemistry and other subjects. Thus, preparatory course programs are fully equipped to handle foreign students’ educational programs in most of the discipline fields: technological, natural sciences, economics, humane and law profiles.

Pre-University courses can boast 2000 foreign student graduates from 37 countries: Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, China, Lebanon, Lithuania, the Republic of Moldova, Mongolia, Nigeria, the Republic of Chad, Syria, Sudan, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Montenegro, Brazil etc.

The International Department implemented a Bachelor degree program “Russian Taught as a Foreign Language” in the field of preparatory studies 44.03.01”Pedagogical education” in 2016. As of today, the program has 200 students.

The Department coordinates more than 2000 foreign students currently admitted to ASU. Among its primary objectives, the department has international liaisons development, widening the scope of international exchange academic programs, production and implementation of forward-thinking innovative projects, advancing international cooperation in educational and research spheres.   

Gias Subhi Dzharkas,) Dean Assistant for Education coordinates arrival and departure, dormitory housing, medical evaluation issues and day-to-day situations for our foreign students; e-mail:   

Department Structural Division

Head of the Department\Faculty Dean: Susana R.Tlekhatuk, Candidate for Science (Philology);

Teaching Staff:

Chair of Russian Taught as a Foreign Language.

HoD – Zamira G. Khuazheva, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor;


Susana R.Tlekhatuk, Doctor of Philology, Associate Professor;

Zamira G. Khuazheva, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor;

Mariet M.Tlevtsezheva, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor;

Marietta R. Naptsok, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor;

Nadezhda E. Malova, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor;

Aset N. Khavdok, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor;

Marieta M. Mereretukova, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Head teacher.

Teaching staff at the Chair of Russian Taught as a Foreign Language are fully qualified to prepare foreign students for every level of language learning, from elementary through basic, and subsequently, first certificate level.

They take annual qualification and training extension courses on teaching Russian as a foreign language and linguo-didactic testing programs at PFUR (Moscow). Our teachers’ foreign language skills enable them to successfully communicate with foreign students from the moment they arrive. Faculty Staff works with the best lexicogrammatical textbooks and state-of-the-art equipment

Every year he Department Chair holds seminars on “Russian Taught as a Foreign Language Teaching Methods incorporated into Federal Teaching Standards: diversity of concepts and techniques”.

Chair of General Studies:

HoD – Zarema K. Ferkhatova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor;


Fatima V. Tuguz, Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor;

Zara Z. Khot, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor;

Margarita F. Alieva, Candidate of Social Sciences, Associate Professor;

Murat A. Mugotlev, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Head teacher;

Nart Ch. Kubov, Head teacher;

Fatima N. Ezlyu, Assistant;

Ekaterina V. Zudina, Assistant;

Arkadiy Y. Skorkin, Assistant.

There are two types of courses at the preparatory department:

Main course participants (students who take up subject courses to meet admissions requirements at ASU or any other university in Russia) study vocational disciplines of choice: chemistry, physics, mathematics, economics, biology, country studies etc. For the most part of the study year attendees follow Russian language course plus additional subjects based on their majors listed in the profile. Students may choose one of the following profiles.


  • Humanities: Russian language, literature, history, social studies;
  • Engineering majors: mathematics, Russian language, computer science;
  • Economics: Russian language, mathematics, history, social studies;
  • Bio-medical sciences: Russian language, physics, chemistry, biology;
  • Natural sciences: Russian language, mathematics, physics, chemistry.

Foreign applicants can choose their course intensity level as well:

  • Classic academic program: 10 months or 37 weeks duration with up to 620 academic hours; Cost: 45,000 RUR
  • Intensive preparatory course: 12 weeks\30 hours per week duration up to 360 academic hours; Cost: 25,000 RUR
  • Advanced Russian language course for students of non-linguistic faculties (first, second and third years): 300 academic hours; Cost: 10,000

Basic language course (language training for those who wants to learn alone the Russian language and culture).

In addition to innovative, extensive and flexible educational concepts and techniques, fully equipped facilities and an exciting list of extra-curricular activities provided by our Department, there is one more tremendous advantage.

Russian Language Testing Center for Foreign citizens is a licensed educational establishment with a state-approved three-level Russian language-learning course – elementary, basic and Level one, each of them followed by a pre-requisite examination procedure and state educational curriculum certificates approved on the territory of Russian Federation.

For an official ASU applicants permit, please, fill in the following application form (link) and sent it to (the e-mail).