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Pedagogics and Psychology Department

Address: Off., 154, 208, Pervomayskaya, St., Maykop, 385000 (zip code) – (main building, 1st floor)

Tel.: +7 (8772) 59 37 53+7 (8772) 59 37 55


Department Dean: Fatimet P. Khakunova, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Full Professor, Honoured worker of science of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Honorary Worker of higher professional education of Russian Federation  

Tel: +7 (8772) 59-37-53, +7 (8772) 59-37-55


Deputy Dean for Education: Dariet D. Zhazheva, Candidate for Pedagogical Sciences

Tel.: +7 (8772) 59-37-55;


Deputy Dean for Curriculum and Discipline: Sara M. Khapacheva, Candidate for Pedagogical Sciences

Tel.: +7 (8772) 59-37-55;


Department Dispatch Clerk: Diana S. Shisheva

Studying perks and advantages:

Primary studying advantages include the following:

  • all levels of professional education: BA, MA, and First Doctoral degrees and thesis completion course;
  • various study modes (full time, part time and evening classes);
  • highly qualified teaching staff with the required educational degrees and credentials;
  • practise-based educational routine;
  • numerous opportunities to set up your own practice, which includes psychological consulting work;
  • professional, social and academic fulfilment;
  • eventful and creatively challenging student life;
  • an opportunity to work out your own individual learning route;
  • an opportunity to productively combine learning and professional duties;
  • participation in academic events of various calibre and international student forums;
  • publication of scientific articles in the ASU annual manual of collective works;
  • professional partnership with Russian-speaking club «Modellirton» in Germany, internships with their children and youth summer camp;
  • second educational degree options with a state-certified diploma in a chosen sphere with tangible career options;
  • professional courses and seminar options based on a second educational degree with state certified papers to follow;
  • international ties and contracts with the countries from the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Our Department has a SIE “PsyMaster LCC” with REC “ROST” (“Growth”) and “Youth Psychological Consulting Workshop”.

Programme Code

Programme Name

Specialization Fields

Degree and course length

Study mode

Full time\ Extramural


Psychological and Pedagogical Education

1.      Psychology in Primary Education

2.      Psychology in Preschool Education

3.      Education Psychology

4.      Special Psychology

5.      Psychology and Social Pedagogics

Bachelor, 4 years\ 4 years 6 months




Teacher Training

Primary Education

Bachelor, 4 years\ 4 years 6 months




General Studies

Bachelor, 4 years\ 4 years 6 months



Teacher Training

1.      Vocational Teacher training for Innovative activities in Educational Institutions

2.      Advanced Classroom Technologies in Primary School

Master, 2 years/ 2 years 3 months



Education and Pedagogy

General Pedagogy and Education

First doctoral degree, 3 years/4 years